About XpertX, Inc.

 XpertX is the leading manufacturer and supplier of live-action Keno systems and Keno associated products and services. We design, manufacture, distribute and provide service for our products. While most of our business is conducted in the United States, XpertX Systems can also be found in casinos in Canada and in nations worldwide. Our approach to business has always been to produce reliable, user-friendly products that our customers can confidently recommend to others.


With new technology come new opportunities. At XpertX we constantly search for ways to make the most of the latest in emerging electronic developments. We were first to bring Keno results to televisions in casino hotel rooms, first to use the Internet to display live Keno results online at KenoUSA.com, and first to use energy/cost–saving LCD panels for Keno boards. More products are currently under development.  

President – Eric Thomassian    1987-present  

XpertX owner and president, Eric Thomassian, founded the company in 1987, in Reno, Nevada. Eric designed and wrote the original XpertX Keno System software. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Business from the American University in Paris, and Master's degree in Computer Science from USC. His education has helped him build a company with exceptional products that often raise the bar and set new industry standards.


As the company has grown, Eric has maintained his original hands-on approach to business. Though his duties as president occupy much of his time, he still manages to oversee software and new product development, ensuring our products always meet his high standards.  

XpertX Employees  

We have an array of outstanding individuals who keep the company running smoothly. Many XpertX employees have been with us for over ten years and they really know their stuff. So when customers call, they reach a familiar voice, and someone who is qualified to answer all of their questions.