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Big Jackpots are here! Add excitement to your Keno game and offer players more choices with MEGAKENO, the only nationwide linked keno progressives with jackpots over $1 millon!

MEGAKENO is a simple addition to your existing XPERTX Keno game. All you need is an internet connection and a MEGAKENO subscription. It's that easy!

  • Attract more players with larger jackpots
  • Nationwide Jackpots grow FAST!!!
  • Bigger returns for minimal risk
  • No capital expense
  • $1.50 wager
  • 5-10 spot progressives available
  • Easy install - NO equipment to buy
  • Runs on your existing XPERTX Keno game
  • MEGAKENO Tickets are handled like any other ticket
  • No minimum write or long-term commitments required
  • Progressive meters display on your Vortex System and online at MEGAKENO.com


Our largest MEGAKENO jackpot to date! MEGA10 is an insured 10-Spot ticket with a starting value of $1 million!

Current values from MEGA-10.com
  • Your liability for MEGA10 Jackpot is only $25,000; the balance is fully insured
  • High theoretical house hold
  • The kind of big payout players love, with minimal risk to you!

How it works


MEGAKENO wagers are $1.50. Players pick their spots and specify MEGAKENO by marking "MK" on the Keno request form. MEGAKENO tickets are written like any other XPERTX Keno ticket and wins are based on the game draw at your location.


Each property that participates in MEGAKENO is responsible for small pays and the "base" amount of any jackpot hit at that specific location. XPERTX reimburses locations monthly for all progressive amounts paid out.

Secondary Meters

The 5-9 spot MEGAKENO Jackpots have secondary (hidden) meters that accumulate funds. After a hit, the Jackpot resets to the secondary meter value to maintain player excitement.


Once a month, XPERTX collects all MEGAKENO progressive contributions and per wager fees. XPERTX also manages all associated audits.

MEGAKENO Progressive Packages

Package One.....5, 6 & 7 Spots
Package Two.....8 & 9 Spots
MEGA-10..........10 Spot Progressive

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